What Do We Do

R&R Business Consultants Inc. is an industry leading direct marketing firm located in Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in closing the informality gap between some of the world’s largest Fortune 100 and 500 companies and potential clients. We put a friendly handshake and smile behind every business transaction. Our unique method has resulted in remarkable customer retention captivating explosive growth worldwide.

Visual Demonstrations

We provide engaging visual demonstrations of our clients' products to ensure every prospect gains a detailed understanding of the product and its benefits.


Product Training

We provide our dynamic sales force with product training workshops about your product or service to ensure they are able to market your product and brand effectively, to the same standard you would deliver.

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Memorable Experiences

Our personalized form of marketing enhances the customer experience, as we cater to each prospect individually, meeting their needs and leaving them with a positive encounter with your brand that they will remember.

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Daily Reporting

We don't believe businesses should have to wait weeks or even months to see results. By using direct marketing we are able to offer you with measurable and accurate results, immediately, even on the same day as your campaign!

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R&R Business Consultants Attend Sales Awards in Baltimore

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Leadership conference

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Monthly Business Meeting

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Keynote speaker – business conference

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Business seminar

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Business meeting

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Business conference

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Business conference in America

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Want to work in a demanding yet exciting role where everyday is different? Then you might be just what we’re looking for!

We’re on the look out for sales and marketing representatives who are results driven and not afraid of a bit of hard work. We’re looking for potential, not experience. So there’s no need to worry if you’ve not worked in the sales and marketing industry before.

We also promote entrepreneurship among America’s youth, so if you’re looking for a new opportunity that will provide you with hands on sales and marketing experience, as well as gain an insight into running a business, get in touch with us today!